The solution to increasing the traffic of your eCommerce website or generating more sales might be at your fingertips. And not only that – it could be as easy to execute as A, B, C.

In this piece, we will let you in on 4 eCommerce growth hacks and explain why they’re good for your web store and how to pull them off for your online business.

Turn your ecommerce 404-page into a lead generator

Chances are you’ve got at least one or two 404 error pages on your website. They’re there and they can’t get any worse than that. The least you can do is have a little fun with it.

There is nothing duller than being transferred to an error page and having the same old message about this page being temporarily unavailable, etc. Surprise your site visitors by playing with the design on your error pages. Here are a few examples of well-designed 404-pages.

Cloud Sigma is one of our top favorites when it comes to funny error pages. Or it could be just the cat….

cloud sigma's 404 page

The Australian is a great example of how thematic you can make your eCommerce 404 page – explaining an error on a news website like only a politician can. It invites you to interact with the page and select your own politician.

the australian 404 page

And, of course, Lego’s ever-creative method when it comes to … just about anything.

lego 404 page

If you design your 404 error page funnily, you can add a section where you can collect leads. You can do this through a contact form or by offering something of great value to your customers like “Gifts for Him/Her” or “How to decorate your garden this spring” and have them write their email address in order to receive what they want.

You can generate leads through many other pages on your website like the check-out page, for example, where you can have them tick they want to receive these guides from you.

Have Social Media Influencers Promote You

We live in times where people tend to wear what someone else is wearing, have what someone else is having and eat what someone else is eating. As human beings, we want to be appreciated and what other way to be appreciated than by imitating what someone awesome is doing.

Find who influences your target and make them promote your products. We know a few websites where you can recruit influencers to promote your brand. Be our guest:

Browse Through These 8 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Instagram Ads Lead To Huge Conversion

Surprised? Don’t be. It’s tested and it works. Many brands are already on Instagram promoting their products. The social media platform has over 700 million users and counting. The content you post there as an ad is organic and it fits in well with other posts on your potential customers’ feed.

instagram adsMake sure to make them well-lit photographs so it doesn’t stand out from the regular Instagram post. The only thing that will separate your content from the rest is the little text above that hints it’s a sponsored content and the call-to-action button that says “shop now”.

If you’re ready to start with Instagram ads, you can check out this guide by Instagram themselves.

Learn how to use Instagram for your eCommerce business here.

Call-To-Actions That Stand Out

We’re sure you’ve already read an article on how bright colors get the attention of your customers and how all your call-to-action buttons should be orange or red. The truth is that’s not exactly true.

There is a proven theory that the human mind is attracted to almost everything they’re not used to. The most simple example? It’s like the clothes in your wardrobe, one day you just get sick of them and you want to freshen up a bit, so you go and buy new clothes. It’s the same with design.

lemon on a blue background

If your website is all red or orange, putting a call-to-action in the same color, just because it’s bright, won’t work. Simply because it doesn’t stand out. Your call-to-action buttons should be completely different than your website colors. This way when your customers have gone through your green website and are already used to its design, anything BUT green will grab their attention.

So, try these out and let’s see what happens. Make sure to tell us in the comments whether it worked or not. We’ll be back with more eCommerce tips and tricks next time.

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