Recently we were at an event in Bulgaria that covered “Strategies for eCommerce success” and a guest lector was Martin Svoboda from Google, who disclosed a few free Google tools to help online merchants understand trends and to grasp consumer behavior.

The tools we’re going to share with you will not only help you analyze your audience to understand why they behave the way they behave but they will also help you build strategies to enter new markets.

Test My Site

By now, you’ve probably read thousands of blog posts or statistics that have proven to you that mobile is the future. More and more retail revenue is gained by a mobile device. Not to mention that very often, mobile e-commerce visitors are much more than desktop visitors.

At the conference I mentioned, they said something very interesting.

“Mobile pages with 1 second shorter load times achieve up to 27% higher conversion rates”

What conclusion do you draw from this?

We think you gotta pay attention to mobile speed and how your website performs on smartphones.

Google has it all figured out for you. They have developed a tool to test your e-commerce mobile performance and it’s called Test My Site.

screenshot of test my site google tool

It will take some time to load while it shows you animations of how it evaluates your website’s mobile speed.

unravelled zone results screenshot

You can see our website’s results here. This is what you will receive if you enter your eCommerce website address.

industry comparison screenshot from test my site tool
It will give you industry comparison

It will show you industry comparisons and tell you at what speed are, for example, e-commerce websites’ top performers.

And you can also receive a free report in exchange for your e-mail.

Speed Scorecard

Another mobile speed tool. But this one will actually help you calculate how much revenue you could have lost on account of your slow speed. Because, as you know, nowadays, consumers want everything right away and if your e-commerce site doesn’t perform the way they want it to perform they’ll be out of there in seconds.

screenshot of the lost revenue calculator

Consumer Barometer

This free tool is developed to give you all kinds of consumer insights, compare digital trends and how they performed over time, explore key audience segments, charts with curated insights and you can even create your own custom analysis with the help of their Graph Builder.

Dive deep into your consumer’s behavior here.

Market Finder

This is a free tool that Google launched in September 2017 and they claim it to be a breakthrough development.

If you have decided to start selling cross-border, then this is the tool for you. It recommends the best markets for your business and it provides you with tools, guides, and resources so you can plan the next steps of your strategy and conquer new markets easily.

Check out the tool here. 

a webshop boat taken from the website of market finder

We’d love it if you give us your opinion on what you think about these tools. Have you tried them out? If not, are you willing to try them?

If you’re interested, check out a few more eCommerce tools here. 

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