Joining an online community that deals with the same challenges as you do every day can be a real stress reliever. Being a web merchant can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re just starting out, you might feel as if day by day you don’t achieve anything despite the fact that you work tirelessly.

By joining an online community, you will have access to a huge pool of information and the support of fellow eCommerce merchants.

We have hand-picked a few online communities you can join to help you run your web store.

Small Business Online Communities

The following are very broad but you’ll find it useful to be part of them. The reason for this is because they discuss general tips of running a small business. For example, you’ll find content such as: building a website that works, social media and marketing tips, entrepreneur tips, funding tips, even eCommerce tips.

screenshot of startup nation online community

One of the biggest online communities for small businesses is Start Up Nation.

When you enter, you will find a huge forum, covering many topics regarding the world of entrepreneurs. We encourage you to join the discussion or start asking questions there. It really is the biggest online community for this purpose.

Another great community is The Small Business Bonfire. This is much more of a blogging zone rather than a forum. But it covers all topics that you’re interested in by providing with thorough tips. Their Online Business is what you’ll be most interested in. So, if you don’t want to search through many blog posts, this is a shortcut to all you need.

eCommerce online Communities

Then there are some online communities which are much more eCommerce oriented. If you own a web store, perhaps you’ve already researched most of them. But to the ones who are just starting out and have stumbled upon this post, here are the eCommerce online communities you should definitely start joining.

screenshot from eCommerce fuel forum's online community
eCommerce Fuel Forum

eCommerce Fuel Forum is an online community where you will have to apply for a membership. But nonetheless, it’s one of the very best. You can get a peek at industry events and discuss with their thousands of eCommerce members. It is constructed literally like a forum. So, the user design should be very familiar to you.

Another extremely helpful eCommerce forum is by Digital Point. It has gathered a huge online community of web merchants who aspire to be better and help each other daily. There are nearly 80 pages (in the time this article was written) of discussion topics. We’re sure you can find what you’re looking for inside.

And then one more thing we advise. Reddit. The subreddit is, of course, eCommerce. In order to go a bit higher in the discussion there, your questions should be well-asked and not the same as other people’s. So, go through the questions first to find what you’re looking for.

Basically, these are the best online eCommerce communities out there and the best ones for startup entrepreneurs. As we have mentioned, we think in a startup online community, you will find covered topics that interest you just as much as you will find in eCommerce online communities.

Try them out and we’d be happy if you tell us what you think in the comments below.

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