Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t started preparing for it, do not worry.

“Around 46 percent of people say they won’t even start buying until early February”.
Source: Observa

14th of February is a retail craze and there are a few marketing and e-commerce things you can surprise your customers with. Most of the people prefer to search for last-minute gifts in physical shops but that’s not always the case.

There are many ways to bring shoppers to your store this Valentine’s Day and below you’ll find some of the top marketing tactics that will lead to conversion.

Email Marketing – А Partner In Any Campaign

For Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to send out emails all red and corny with hearts all around. People have had a bit too much of this over the years. But what you can do is use heart emojis in your subject text or in your headlines.

For example:

We think you’ll ❤ this (for Valentine’s Day).

Even the word “love” could be enough if you don’t want to mention “Valentine’s Day” specifically. You can be very subtle about it and as you can see, only an emoji could do the trick.

Another thing that you can almost never go without is a gift guide. Whatever your e-commerce store is about, we bet you can think of something to sell on Valentine’s Day. Point those exact products to your customers in your e-mail campaigns, so they can land on your website.

And if your online business is a perfect fit for the holiday (candy, underwear, flowers, stuffed animals or hearts, etc.), you can always offer your shoppers a special promotion and communicate it both on your website and in your e-mail campaign.

An idea for a special promotion could be wrapping your customers’ gift for them or free shipping two days before 14th of February.

Instagram Polls

Lately, people are obsessed with social media polls. They’re everywhere. Instagrammers do it all the time and they’ve proven to be quite successful.

Instagram Polls

What you can do, if you have an Instagram account where you communicate with your shoppers, is create Valentine’s Day themed stories with products from your store. Have them vote for the better Valentine’s Day gift or for the best date idea.

You can create so many things around this holiday. The benefits? You’ll engage with your customers and have their attention to your store. Make sure to put a link in the “swipe up” section so they can go straight to your webshop.

Adweek recently created Instagram polls article about who did it best. You can get inspired by it. If you want, check it out here.

Other Social Media Ideas

If you’ve sensed that your customers are all about the upcoming holiday, add themed valentine’s day effects to your social media covers and profile pictures to get involved in the common mood.

Text on a Wall You Here
Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

Another thing you can do is drag your customers into a conversation. Especially now with Facebook’s new algorithm, you’ll be needing people’s comments on your posts. Try and ask them to share their love stories. Not necessarily how they met with their partner, it could be how their parents or grandparents met. People love telling these stories and reading them, too.

You can always inspire people with old love stories, but then again it depends on what your store is all about.

Deals for two

If you don’t feel like doing anything at all for Valentine’s Day, you can at least offer your customers the so-called couple deals. “Get the second one for free”, etc.

Customers will be glad you thought of them on the holiday. You can communicate this through social media or your email campaign.

So, a fan of the holiday or not, our advice is to do at least something for it – whether it be a social media cover picture or a simple couple deal.

And don’t forget the singles. You can always think of something to undo their feeling of being left out. Perhaps offer them a little complimentary bottle of wine with their next order. It’s a gesture and it won’t get to be too much money out of your pocket.

We hope we’ve helped and we wish you lots of sales on Valentine’s Day! ❤

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