Last year’s article about the top 10 trending products online was a huge success and it helped many webshop owners focus on what sells.

Check out 2018’s trending products, some of them are still riding the wave.  

This year, as usual around March, we can already start recognizing the ecommerce trends of 2019. So, if you are just starting out and are wondering what to sell, below you will find the top 10 trending ecommerce products in 2019.

Wireless Phone Chargers

phone next to a wireless phone charger

This product sold like warm bread last Christmas. In Google Trends, you can notice that no other Christmas in the last 5 years has seen such interest like last year’s Christmas (2018).

google trends screenshot about wireless phone chargers the last 5 years
Wireless Phone Chargers’ Performance Over The Last 5 Years

Wireless phone chargers are a thing of the future. But the future is now. This trend will definitely rise because of Apple’s recent launch of a new iPhone that has wireless charging.

I suggest you start packing up with this product because the demand is already a fact.

Home Security IP Camera

home security ip camera picture

This product has got to be one of the best investments. First, on Google Trends, you can see the search getting higher and higher with each year.

google trends screenshot of how home security ip camera performs
Home Security IP Camera’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

Second, Chinese markets sell them extremely cheap. You can have at least a triple return on investment by selling a home security IP camera. Home cameras have always been a thing but in this new era we’re living in, you can see everything that is happening in your house on your smartphone.

This is why IP Cameras have been noticing a rise in sales in the past couple of years.

One-piece Swimsuit

woman floating in a swimming pool wearing a one-piece swimsuit

This piece of garment used to be popular back in the 80s. But more and more females started wearing it in movies and it seems that the trend is coming back.

google trends screenshot of how one-pice swimsuit performs over the years
One-Piece Swimsuit’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

Especially nowadays when the older generation is somewhat being nostalgic and the younger generation is going retro.

If you are a summer shop, swimwear shop or a clothes shop, focus on getting this product on your website visitors’ radar. Advertise and promote one-piece swimsuits more. Summer is coming and you wouldn’t want to miss this trend.

Dryer Balls

picture of dryer balls

Only recently did I start noticing webshops offering these balls in all kinds of shapes. That’s when you know they’re an attractive thing to sell. Dryer balls’ purpose is to hasten the drying. You put them in the dryer and they can soften the clothes and reduce static, serving as a substitute for chemical-based fabric softeners.

google trends screenshot of dryer balls performance
Dryer Balls’ Performance Over The Last 5 Years

People have gone crazy over these things. They can be extremely useful for people who live in small apartments and can only rely on their dryer machine.

Having those in your store is a sure thing to sell. It’s getting trendier with each passing second. Literally. Just look at Google Trends.

Cup Holder

cup holder

For some reason, cup holders are also rising in trend. According to me, that’s an everlasting product to sell. People always need this product in their car or on their desk.

google trends screenshot of cup holder's performance
Cup Holder’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

If you are selling accessories or thinking about a webshop idea, this could be a huge thing. There is always a demand for it and again – Chinese markets sell these pretty cheap.


woman wearing shapewear

This product is getting more and more attention throughout the years. Women everywhere are turning to shapewear to feel comfortable in their skin.

google trends screenshot of shapewear's performance
Shapewear’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

As you can see from Google Trends, shapewear has been rising steadily throughout the years. Now in March, it is about the hit another peak. This can be a very good option for you to sell in your ecommerce store.

Enamel Pins

girl wearing enamel pins on her leather jacket

The trend for enamel pins is witnessing a sharp rise. Nowadays, hipster adults and not just hipster adults but anyone who loves to show their hardcore love towards something is buying enamel pins.

google trends screenshot of enamel pins performance
Enamel Pins’ Performance Over The Last 5 Years

They are a sure conversation starter and interests showoff. Enamel pins are a win if you have an accessory webshop or a clothing webshop. Promote them on your home page and get those sales up as the trend for enamel pins is.

Stainless Steel Pan

pan on a blue background with woman's hands cooking

More and more people search for convenience nowadays. They search for convenience when they shop online when they browse the web and even when they cook. In the evening, people rarely want to deal with a pan covered in oil. They wanna brush it off and go do the rest of their evening business.

google trends screenshot of stainless steel pan performance
Stainless Steel Pan’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

This is why you can notice this rise in people searching for a stainless steel pan. If you own a kitchen accessories webshop, make sure to put this stainless steel pan on your top pages. Or better yet, share a new recipe with your audience and whoever shares has the chance to win one for free.

Hemp Oil

bottle of hemp oil

Hemp oil is getting a lot of attention lately. People try to think more about their health especially now when there is an increased awareness about it.

google trends screenshot of hemp oil performance
Hemp Oil’s Performance Over The Last 5 Years

If you’re wondering how hemp oil is being produced, it is basically oil extracted from hemp seeds. It has many uses but mainly people use it as an alternative to olive oil in cooking.

The trend for hemp oil is rising by the minute, so jump on that wave as soon as you can.

Compression Socks

compression socks by color

Compression socks is another product that is getting a lot of attention lately. These specially designed socks help to increase the blood flow in your lower legs. This will prevent legs from swelling and pain because of poor blood flow.

google trends screenshot of compression socks performance
Compression Socks’ Performance Over The Last 5 Years

A serious amount of people are searching for this product. Try selling them, especially if you own a sport webshop.

There are many more trending products this year that are rising in sales by the minute. But these are the 10 we think are the most niche and worth trying out to sell.

Don’t hesitate to give us your comments on the subject down below. Have you tried selling one of those products before when it still wasn’t the product’s time to shine? If yes, what did you struggle with back then?

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