Driving traffic to your eCommerce store doesn’t always mean more sales but it definitely means brand awareness. It also means you go higher in search engines, which can always bring you more sales.

There is no magic secret to traffic generation, just best practices. We’ve tested many of them and they work for us. They also work for many other people we’ve talked to. 

We will cover the following tips:

We will also cover these best channels:


Best practices to drive traffic to your store

Run a blog

a laptop with a man's story on the screen which is a reference to giving additional value by running a blog
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Running a blog is always a good idea. Filling up your website with the right content and the right keywords will bring you many visitors. And not only that. This will give value to your customers.

Start writing content pieces that you think will help your customers and are, of course, thematic to what you’re selling on your eCommerce store. An idea for such kind of content pieces could be tutorials of how your products can be used or case studies of happy customers.

Read a thing or two about SEO or better yet, what helps us the most is this plugin called Yoast SEO, where you can deduct whether your content is easily read. You can also set up a focus keyword, a meta description and it gives you tips on every step you make.

Setting up keywords for your blog content is important because this way your customers can find you by the phrases they’re looking for in Google.

Join forums and Facebook groups

Basically, join the conversation. Whatever you’re selling, find Facebook communities that discuss similar topics and join. Start being more active and try helping people. Don’t promote your products right away but gain people’s trust first.

It’s the same with web forums. You must know that there are many little online communities out there that discuss generally everything. Find your niche and join the conversation there.

Start suggesting to people, who actually need your products, your eCommerce website or give them a link to helpful articles you’ve already written. It’s important to never stop promoting your content. Many people suggest to write one article, promote until you get at least 1,000 visits and then repeat. But filling your website with content first and then finding various topics where you can promote your many articles is also a good idea.

It’s again something that we have tested and it works. Which leads me to the next best practice.

Write on Quora

Quora is our main channel right now. We have helped many people there and people keep reaching out to us for eCommerce help.

It’s a channel that is very much related to writing in forums and joining Facebook groups. I decided to separate it because, in my opinion, Quora needs to stand out. Once you follow your own topics, you will see on your feed various questions appearing. Find the right question to answer and help people by promoting your product or service.

Quora is a great channel for this because you have a community of people who seek out help and they receive it by numerous of people just like you. So, they keep coming back to Quora to ask more and more.

The reason I think Quora needs to stand out is because I have written many answers there and people keep thanking me and they come back to Unravelled Zone to read more of what they’re interested in.

Encourage authors to link back to your website

This trick is used even by the very best. It’s basically going out there and finding articles related to what you’re selling and asking for backlinks. This is how it works:

Go on Google and type inurl: blog [keyword]

screenshot of an inurl google search

Then the trick is to go on the ones who appear on the first two pages of Google and type a comment asking them to link back to your website.

What one of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos claims, though, is that this is an old technique that rarely works anymore. We haven’t tried and we’re not huge fans of asking for backlinks but you’re welcome to try out anything that you think might work for you.

We also suggest this video for earning links:

Build a referral program

The best kind of customers are the ones who tell your friends about you. Engage with every shopper after they’ve made a purchase and ask them for an opinion. You can do this by sending out emails. How to gather email addresses? It can be easily done by offering to give discount codes or offering additional value like tips, recipes, DIY videos, etc.

In your after-purchase email, you can genuinely ask what shoppers thought of the product or the service and then tell them that if they refer you to a friend, they can easily receive a discount code for a second purchase. Or give credit to both their friend and to them.

Even if you don’t build a referral program, make sure to really engage with your customers after they’ve made a purchase. This is extremely important if you want to build loyalty.

Send sample products to influencers

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And the last best practice to drive traffic to your store is sending out sample products to people who have a huge amount of followers on social media networks such as Instagram. We’ve mentioned this in some previous posts but influencers are one of the very best traffic drivers.

Read how to use Instagram for eCommerce here.

So, about influencers… They are a very special kind of breed. Even if you send them something for free, it’s not guaranteed they will promote your product or your website. But you’ve got to try. Find the right people that have the followers you want to connect with and approach them.

Here is where you can find the right influencers to promote your brand.


Best channels for eCommerce traffic generation


Do we even have to explain this one? It’s the most important channel and the most important thing you have to focus on.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords will bring you traffic for sure. You can start ranking by specific keywords after you’ve paid. You can pay for clicks or impressions if you’re doing display advertisements. These are website advertisements which track people with similar interests as the ones you’ve set for your target group. You can also do retargeting, which will target each user who has visited your website at least once. So, Google Adwords is definitely a must-try.

Google Shopping

One of the best advice we could give is to list your products in Google Shopping. This will give you a lot of traffic. Make sure Google likes you, which means your website is almost perfect when it comes to SEO and make sure you have specific focus keywords.

If you’ve done this right, every time somebody writes what they’re looking for on Google and if that something happens to be your product, then your website should be the one to come up along with the option to buy straight away.

google shopping to drive traffic
Credit for this one goes to Google (we don’t have Google Shopping in our country yet, so we’re not able to take our own screenshot)

Things you need in order to create a Google Shopping account:

Out of all of the above, perhaps the Merchant Center is the one you’re not familiar with. Here is a quick guide from Google on how to start.

We also recommend you upload a test file first before you upload your actual data feed.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the other best channel for eCommerce traffic generation. Put up an ad on your Facebook page, target the right audience and you’re ready to go. Sometimes Facebook targets the wrong people, to be honest, but it always generates good traffic for your website.

What you need to start running a Facebook Ad:

  • A business goal, which is basically the reason you’re running the ad
  • An understanding of your audience and who you want to reach
  • A daily or lifetime budget for the ad
  • Photos or videos to feature in the ad

Amazon & eBay

These two platforms are a great way to gain more sales. List your products there by following a few very specific instructions and you’ll start having people finding your products.

Read how to better sell your Amazon product listings here.

You can always link back to your website for more great goods. Make sure that you do need to pay fees to both Amazon and eBay if you want to list your products there.


woman watching a dog video
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Apart from running a blog, creating video content that matches the content of your blog posts is another channel to generate traffic. Depending on your target audience, you can always create 2-3 minute-long videos that are quickly absorbed by the average viewer.

You can also think of a funny video content, which is again related to what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling dog food, you can always upload videos of cute dogs for your audience to like and engage with.

How-to Videos

If your products are harder to assemble, how-to videos are a must. Post both on YouTube and in your product descriptions to explain to your website visitors how to manage or assemble what you’re selling.

This is a great option for service or software sellers, too.

Contest Giveaways

The old-school method is actually one of the best channels for traffic generation. Give out free stuff on social media by engaging your audience in fun games. This could be quizzes, treasure hunts and more.

This will definitely earn you the sympathy of many customers and you will be amongst people’s favorite brands.

So, this is it. What’s the most important thing is to make people happy, pay attention to SEO and help potential buyers on forums and websites like Quora.

Give us your feedback on this article and tell us whether you’ve tried some of these methods and whether you think they work. We’d be happy to read what you think.


  1. Jemima Mccarty Reply

    Hi, there. From what you’ve given as recommendations, I have tried doing how-to videos and I can say that they absolutely work. People always go on YouTube or Google to search for how-to’s and according to me, that’s where you really get them. I’ve had a rise in traffic ever since I tried this. From your article, I will definitely try the contest giveaways. I think this will help me with engagement a lot. Thank you, Katerina, for this article. I will save the website to read on more ecommerce matters that I struggle with. Good luck and cheers.

  2. Many of these methods work, yes. I’ve tried most of them in the beginning when I started out my business and I stumbled upon great results. These are good tactics for organic growth. I’ve also tried some of the paid methods like Google Shopping. Tbh, I am still struggling with this one.

    You have a great blog here. I hope we can chat somehow. I’ve given my email and I’d be happy if I can discuss with you some new tactics about driving traffic. I’d love to hear your opinion.

    • Katerina Nikolova Reply

      Hi, Gary. Thank you so much for this feedback. Of course, let’s chat! 🙂

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